Z-Man Chatterbait (The Original)

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Offering the action of a crankbait, the profile of a jig and the flash of a spinnerbait, The Z-Man® Original ChatterBait® will have a profound impact on the way you fish. Designed to swim in an erratic motion that mimics wounded prey, the Original ChatterBait features a unique hex-shaped ChatterBlade® that pivots violently back and forth on the jig eyelet, producing enough vibration to let you feel every pulse. The ChatterBlade also serves as a weedguard to keep the hook from snagging on weeds or brush. The Original ChatterBait's EZ Skirt® creates an enticing, undulating action to provoke strikes. Perfect for muddy, stained water, the straight-tracking ChatterBait won't hydroplane on a fast retrieve and its depth is easily regulated.

  • Swims in an erratic motion that mimics wounded prey
  • Hex-shaped ChatterBlade pivots back and forth
  • Generates vibration
  • Provokes strikes